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 3v3 War Rules

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PostSubject: 3v3 War Rules   Sat Nov 08, 2014 4:14 am

To all KD's who want to engage in a war between our team and another team these are the rules we play by

The Minimum Number of Players that engage in a war is three per team. However you can play more such as a 4v4 or a 5v5 however there are better rules for these types of wars found on DN forums.

This is the classic format for a 3v3 team war consisting of two rounds (You can play three rounds however this takes a much longer time)

1. The first step is to initiate a war with another team by messaging one of their members offering a war, make sure you know they have more than enough team members online to complete the war.

2. Next get them to join a game with all the members of the 3v3 war teams. This means that you will host a game in Advanced Unrated and tell their team captain of the war team to join. You accept his/her game and get the other members of the war to join the game as watchers. This means there will be 6 people in the room, two players four watchers, 3 from our team 3 from the opposing team.

3. Next on watchers chat with all 6 players talk about the rules (deck restrictions/ Are deck swaps allowed / tcg or ocg etc) once the rules are agreed move to step 4

4. Now decide the pairings for the war so choose one member of your team of 3 to play against one of their team pair up all three players and the three games will be played simultaneously.

5. Each game is a 2 out of 3 match and the winner of the game gets one point for their team so after round 1 the results could look like this

[KD] A vs [xx] B, [KD] A Wins this game 1 point to [KD]
[KD] B vs [xx] C, [xx] C wins this game 1 point to [xx]
[KD] C vs [xx] A, [KD] C wins this game 1 point to [KD]

After Round 1 [KD] have 2 points while [xx] have 1

6. Make another room and choose the next rounds pairings after round 2 it could look like this

[KD] C vs [xx] B, [KD] C Wins this game 1 point to [KD]
[KD] A vs [xx] C, [xx] C wins this game 1 point to [xx]
[KD] B vs [xx] A, [KD] B wins this game 1 point to [KD]

Now after two rounds the score is 4 points to [KD] and 2 points to [xx] this means [KD] have won the 3v3 war!

7.As soon as the last round has finished congratulate the opposing team on their play and wish them good luck in future wars. Then message one of the leaders of Killer Dragos telling them the result or post in our Team Wars Results page!

Side note: This game can be altered to play 4v4 or with more rounds the same formula is applied and changed appropriately

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3v3 War Rules
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